Low speed cylinder

բ・آբ series <Custom made>
Smooth motion is realized under super low speedI

բ G p・p
آբ G p・p・p・p

Operation speed of piston G mm/s
]Reference/Standard cylinder Gmm/s^

Low speed cylinder (definition) :
Special grease is applied to this cylinder to prevent lublication for packing from running out, so that stick slip phenominon does not occur under low speed operation. Note that the minimum operation pressure is not as small as that of low friction cylinder.

Low friction cylinder

آբ・٢բ series <Custom made>
Cylinder with low resistance level of piston friction

آբ G p・p・p・p
٢բ G p・p・p・p・p

Minimum operation pressure
٢բ G DMPa

Low friction cylinder (difinition) :
This cylinder has low friction level due to specially designed packing.Note that it is not suitable for low speed control.